Sweet Southern Darlin

22 Facts About Me (on my 22nd birthday)

harlei fain

Hey y’all! Long time, no talk! I promise that I will get back to regularly posting, the past month has just been so crazy. So expect a lot of posts from me in the future.


Today happens to be my 22nd birthday so I thought I would share 22 random facts about me that you may or may not know. Hope you enjoy!

  1. I have a rather thick southern accent that people love to comment on, LOL. I was always made fun of for it in school, but I didn’t mind.

  2. I knew all the words to every song in Grease and Dirty Dancing when I was 2

  3. I don’t really care for my birthday but I LOVE other people’s birthday. I love love love making people feel special.

  4. I stand like a flamingo 24/7 and don’t notice it until someone says “Harlei, why are you standing like that” 😂

  5.  I can quote Sweet Home Alabama word for word & boy do I love me some Jake Perry

  6. I’m an old soul. (seriously, people say I’m a 80 year old woman trapped in a 22 year old body)

  7. When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up it was never a “singer” or a “doctor” my answer was always to be a mom, even at 4 years old. Still to this day that is my greatest dream in life.

  8. My dream job would be a celebrity stylist..the day I can hear “styled by Harlei Fain” on an E! Red carpet , will be the best day ever.

  9. I’ve always been a girly girl that loved dress up and tea parties but deep down there is a tomboy that loved mud, and hanging out with the guys

  10. I’m not a strong swimmer and water kind of freaks me out for that reason. If I can’t touch the bottom of a lake or the ocean I ain’t swimming without a life jacket 😂

  11. I’m super shy. 100% an introvert. I like to stay to myself and am quiet, that is until you get to know me..then there is no holding back

  12. I HATE when people don’t like me, that’s probably my biggest flaw. I’m such a people pleaser so the thought of someone not liking me or being mad at me gives me anxiety. I 100% know that not everyone will like me and that’s okay but I still hate it.

  13. I’m a history nerd, I could learn about history all day. My favorite is learning about Pearl Harbor and World War II.

•fact on a fact: when my nanny was in a nursing home I would walk up and down the halls helping anyone that needed it. One day I stumbled upon a woman named Opal. She had years of stories to tell me and one of those happened to be that she was on base the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. I could have listened to her talk for hours (& I did) my parents had to drag me out of there when it was time to go home. She is definitely a woman I will never forget.

  14. I’m such a hopeless romantic. I will cry at a romance movie EVERY TIME I watch it, no matter if I’ve seen it 5 times before.

  15. I try not to leave the house without looking put together (college classes excluded, because let’s get real) I’ve always been that way. My mom and grandma raised me like that. Before I left the house my mom would always say “do you have lips on?”

  16. I’m a baby whisperer. For some reason kids love me and I can calm them down in minutes. It’s a gift I’m glad I have because I love love love kids.

  17. My favorite days are lazy, rainy Sundays. If I can sit and watch movies all day while listening to rain, then I’m all for it!

  18. My family has called me the “messer” since I was little. I somehow always make a mess, every where I go.

  19. I love me some Cowboys football

  20. I love hosting. Any excuse I have to be “mom” and cook for people and host them over at my house I will take. I cooked an entire Friendsgiving meal for 17 people by myself and it was so much fun. I love the end result of seeing everyone eating the food I made and spending time with each other. Best feeling ever.

  21. One day I will own an early 1950’s ford or Chevy truck, an old pink Thunderbird, and hope to fix up a Bronco with my brother.

  22. When I’m old and my hair turns white, I’m dying it cotton candy pink like Frenchie on  Grease. Everyone will remember the old lady with pink hair that drove the pink thunderbird, LOL.

Hope you enjoyed or learned a quirky fact about me. Let me know if any of my facts apply to you, or just leave me some random facts about you in the comments. I would love to hear them!

Xoxo Harlei