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Gift Guide for Him

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If you're like me and find shopping for guys SO hard, maybe this will help. I never know what to get all the men in my life, because my brother and boyfriend might like something completely different than my dad. Its easy when they tell you they want a specific tool set, or golf clubs but the men in my life definitely do not do that. These 8 items can be for a guy any age, teenager and up! They're simple, but are everyday items they will get use out of! Also, its currently a week until Christmas and I have yet to by the men in my life anything, so if you're like me (last minute as always) then this will definitely help. I have these items linked at Nordstroms or the brands website, but you can find them at so many common stores! 

1. Bleu De Chanel: This stuff smells SO good. Its a more luxury cologne for the special guy in your life but its so worth it. Its one of those scents that last all day, I automatically know when someone is wearing it. It last a good while and a great gift for any guy in your life!

2. UGG Slippers: You can never go wrong with a pair of UGG's. Slippers are a great gift for a guy, especially a dad, grandpa or uncle! They will last for years and are heaven on your feet! 

3. True Grit jacket: I love true grit. Its seriously the most comfortable sweater and I love the look on a guy wearing it. It can definitely be dressed up or down. No doubt the guy you're buying for is going to love it. Mine has lasted me years, and my brothers too! I bought him one last year for christmas and he still wears in today! 

4. Patagonia Pullover: This is also a great pullover and its way cheaper. The patterns they have add a little detail, and these aztec patterns are definitely in this season for mens fashion. Another great versatile pullover. My brother also has 2 of these and loves them! It looks great with starched jeans AND lounge pants!

5. Watch: Watches are one of those special items you can always turn to if you're stuck on something to buy for a guy. Its something they wear everyday. It looks great with so much! It looks great with a more casual outfit but also a dressier outfit. I love watches on guys, its a great accessory. 

6. Patagonia hat: If the guy you're buying for is a hat lover like my dad, brother and boyfriend then this is a great option. Patagonia hats are a great gift and you can find them at so many places. The guys in my life hardly ever go out without a hat on. The Patagonia patterns are super cool too. They look cute with t-shirts as well as button downs and jackets. Cant go wrong with a gift like this!

7. Bose Speaker: Its no surprise that a speaker would be on here, guys LOVE music. This speaker is dent and scratch proof as well as waterproof! Its great for working, summer days, and even in the shower! My brother has always been one to have music playing (really loud) while taking a shower. This speaker is also SUPER loud too, so its great for so many things. 

8. Adidas shoes: If the guy in your life is shoe obsessed (like my brother.. again-he seems to be my inspiration for this) then you definitely can't go wrong with tennis shoes! Good shoes are a good gift, these ones are nice looking and the colors can go with anything. They can be worn everyday, you can never have too many shoes! Adidas have a reputation of making comfortable shoes, and comfortability is definitely a necessity when buying tennis shoes. 


Hope these things gave you some ideas and helped you on last minute shopping. Cant believe how fast December has come and gone! It seems like Halloween was yesterday and that I still have weeks to buy all my presents! I usually do good under pressure and last minute, so fingers crossed I get everything done by Christmas Eve! 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your holidays are filled with joy and surrounded at loved ones! 

Cant wait for all the things I have planned for SweetSouthernDarlin in 2018, keep a lookout! Hoping to really revamp it and make it awesome for you guys! 

xoxo, Harlei