Sweet Southern Darlin

Simplicity with a pop of YOU

harlei fain

I love fashion. I love styling and putting together outfits. I love outfits that make a statement, or are different.  But I also love simplicity. There are so many ways you can take a simple outfit and make it to wear you stand out. This outfit is a way to take a simple black shirt, sweater or blouse and give it a little flare. Growing up I always heard the saying 'black and brown make a frown' and while that can be true, they can also work very well together if you know how to pair the two. The brown on my boots and purse are a very similar color so they won't clash when worn together. I paired the two around this black pullover, the black and brown together make a contrast and I love that. The contrast is what takes this very simple outfit into something that will make you look twice. On top of the contrast, I wanted to add a bit of sass. The paper pom pom earrings are a great way to add texture. They're also something that will will bring your eyes up to the face. The earrings are made out of paper and that makes them SO light. I love a good statement earring and will suffer the pain if they're a bit heavy but these ones are so nice because you can hardly feel that you have anything on! Add jewelry to this outfit (I prefer gold with this look) and maybe a staple red lip like I did and you're good to go! 

Now, I know this whole blog post is about me telling you what works together and how to make something stand out...you can always make this outfit your own. Pair it with something that you personally like, change the shoes, put your own take on it. A quote that I heard years ago was 'fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it' and it has stuck with me. The beauty of the fashion industry is that there are so many different styles, and you can truly make something your own. Diane Von Furstenberg once said, "Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good." 

xo, Harlei 



1. Sweater - (ps, its on sale!)

2. Boots 

3. Bag - few years old so I linked the newest style thats similar

4. Earrings - similar 

5. Jeans 

6. Sunglasses 

7. Bracelet 

8. Monogram Necklace

9. Horn Necklace