Sweet Southern Darlin


harlei fain

In honor of it being New York Fashion Week, I wanted to share some pictures from my experience of fashion week. I had the amazing opportunity to go to New York for fashion week in September of 2017, and when I say amazing thats exactly what it was. Going to New York has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, I was always bugging my family members to "please take me to New York, PLEASE!" I'm very blessed to say I not only got to go once, but twice in the SAME YEAR. My first trip to NYC in May lit a fire inside of me that I honestly can't even explain and my love for that city has only grown since then. Being able to see all the behind the scenes of fashion week was something I never thought I would have gotten to experience, and what an experience it was. New York has not let me down either time I've gotten the chance to see it, there truly is not another city like it, and being able to take it on with a good friend of mine is a blessing. While I take pride in my southern roots and LOVE the south, I feel like New York is a second home to me. As crazy as it seems it's almost like I'm two different people. The south is home, and I will always be a southern belle.. I feel like a completely different person when I'm in NYC. Can't a girl have both worlds and just fly south for the winter??? The light that was ignited inside me most certainly has not gone out and has only gotten bigger, as has my passion for fashion and the industry. Both trips were crazy and nonstop but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Seeing a city I've always dreamed about was amazing in itself, but seeing my passion in that city was indescribable. I truly cannot thank the people that helped me get there, both times. Fingers crossed I'll be in attendance to NYFW February 2019! 

Heres to an amazing year, hopefully going back to my favorite place AND another fashion trip to Paris, France in May! 

Thank you to all that have followed my trips, and my fashion journey. It truly means the world to me and I know it's just the beginning. Im ready for whatever the fashion world and industry has for me. 


If anyone ever tells you your dreams are silly, remember there’s a millionaire walking around who invented the pool noodle.
— Unknown