Sweet Southern Darlin


harlei fain

I love designer items, but I'm also a college student and my bank account doesn't love a good designer piece like I do. For the past couple of years brands have been coming up with their own version or a knockoff version of a designer piece and selling them at an affordable price. Some pieces look very very similar, and others just take inspiration from what the designer did. Designer dupes have recently gained a lot of popularity. I wanted to put a post together about designer dupes that I love and can agree are inspired from the original design. The look is so similar and the price is SO much cheaper. 

Chloe Backpack: $1,850.00

Dupe: $22.00

Chloe Susanna Booties: $1,390.00

Dupe: $24.00

Marc Fisher Wedges: $149.90

Dupe: $39.98

Balenciaga sock boot: $1,190.00

Dupe: $37.99

Gucci Belt: $450.00

Dupe: $178

Gucci Loafer: $680.00

Dupe: $59.99 

Manolo Blahnik Heels: $965.00

Dupe: $129.00

Louis Vuitton Neverful MM: $1,260.00 

Dupe: $160 

David Yurman Bangle: $895.00 

Dupe: $17.99 

Chanel Espadrilles: $675.00

Dupe: $198.00 

Hermes Blanket: $1,525.00 

Dupe: $62.99 


Maybe one of these days I will be able to afford my expensive taste, but until then I love finding great dupes for designer items. If you have had your eye on one of the designer pieces mentioned above, but couldn't bring yourself to purchase it... I hope this helped! 


Xo, Harlei