Sweet Southern Darlin

Cute and Cheap Valentines Day Outfits - Girly

harlei fain

This one is for all the girly girls like me! This outfit is right up my alley, I love dressing feminine. I dressed this one more for a date night out and for a fancier occasion. When I think of valentines day, I automatically think pink. I wanted one of my outfits for be geared more towards that. The soft blush and neutral tones make this outfit so wearable. It doesn't take much for this to look so put together, and I love the fact that it's so comfortable. 

If I was going on a date for Valentines day, this would definitely be my go to outfit. It was so cheap and easy to put together, and let me tell ya..those are my favorite kinds of outfits. The detailing on this sweater is gorgeous and is definitely a statement in this outfit. The sequins draw you into the outfit, but will point your eyes to the best feature; YOUR FACE. I love the girlyness of the skirt as well, and with the bows on the shoes, I don't think it could get more girly. I loved piecing these pieces together and shooting this look, definitely one of my favorites that I can definitely see me wearing over and over. 

Outfit Details 

1. Sweater 

2. Skirt (similar

3. Shoes 

4. Bag