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Inexpensive Valentines Date Ideas

harlei fain

By popular request, here are some cheap valentines date ideas! 

blanket fort .jpg

Building forts as a kid was always so much fun, but imagine how much fun it would be at an older age AND with someone you care about?! It's such a carefree date idea and its so simple, you don't have to leave your house! 

valentines breakfast .jpg

Breakfast in bed is always a treat, but I LOVE cooking with people. My favorite thing to do is put on a record or play music on my phone while cooking with someone. I love the idea of making a valentines day breakfast with that special someone.

dance kitchen .jpg

To me, there is nothing more romantic or fun than being spinned around. I love dancing, no matter where it is. Dancing is a perfect date to me, whether it be at a place with a dance floor, spinning around the kitchen or moving furniture and making your own dance floor. So romantic, I love it! 

valentine hunt .jpg

Valentines gifts are so difficult, but how you give it to someone is always fun. I love the idea of making a scavenger hunt and having that special someone work for the gift. It's such a fun idea, but also makes the gift more special...plus it is so much fun for both people! Giving gifts is my favorite, and making the process a fun experience is always worth it. 

sunset .jpg

Sunsets scream romance. If you're just watching it off your patio, in the bed of a truck, etc. It's a great way to spend time together, doesn't cost any money and you just enjoy each others company. Adding a picnic, or streaming a movie on your laptop while in the bed of a truck are ways to make it more romantic and more of a date. 

If you don't have plans just with one special person, I love love love the idea of a couples game night. Playing games like trivia questions, the newly wed games, etc. and making it a competition towards your friends that are in a relationship is so different than a normal valentines day but I think it would be so much fun! 


If you or your v-day date are movie people like me, then a drive in is the perfect date. It's so old school, and I love that! Lay down some blankets and pillows in the bed of a truck or the back of a car and watch any movie out that you're both interested in seeing. Seeing movies is so fun to me, but a drive in is so much different than a normal movie theatre. It's a great opportunity to spend time together, its romantic and just fun I'm general. (& if your looking for movie requests I highly recommend The Greatest Showman!)


Now, ice skating would be a laughable date for me because I cannot ice skate to save my life and would just end up embarrassing myself...but, if you can ice skate or pick up things fairly quick, this is such a fun date idea! I've always heard of people going on ice skating dates and I'm so envious because it sounds so romantic and fun but I definitely don't have the grace for it. If you do however, this is a great date idea. Doesn't cost too much money, and what better way to start off a relationship by laughing at each other and just overall having a great time (no matter how ridiculous you may look doing so.) 



I hope these gave you some inspiration on things to do on valentines day, especially if you're on a college kid budget like me. It doesn't matter the date, or how much money you spend on the other person, but enjoying time with that said person. Odds are you'll barley remember the prices of anything, but the memories you make together. 

Hope y'all have a great Valentines Day! Stay safe and enjoy the company of whoever you chose to spend the day with. 

xo, Harlei