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Its that time of year again, school is starting back up and I know everyone is so excited...LOL. Its such a bitter sweet time for me as I'm starting my senior year of college, WHAT. Its so hard to believe these years have flown by as fast as they have. Im so excited but so scared and nervous about the unknown. Its exciting though being a senior fashion student and one of the first for the new major so I can be a mentor and someone that incoming fashion students can look up to. I'm also excited to spend this last year with the friends I've made along the way before we all go our separate ways. 

I LOVED back to school shopping when I was in grade school. Finding new shoes and getting all of the cutest supplies was definitely my thing. I wanted to put together some pieces for back to school that even I find myself buying. These things can be for grade school and even college. Hope you find some inspiration from this or maybe something on here you forgot to get. 




Some type of bag is always an essential for all the supplies and books you'll be carrying. I always switch between a purse bag and a backpack. This year I bought this simple black backpack from Vera Bradley. I love the black because it won't look crazy with my everyday outfits. It will be fine on the days I dress up and also the days that I'm lazy and wearing leggings and a t shirt. This one is also special because Vera Bradley will also monogram them. I got mine in stores and didn't do that, but its definitely something I'll be looking into doing. Its such a cute and simple touch to personalize your backpack and add a little extra touch. 


Planners have always been a love hate thing for me...I buy them every year but I'm so bad about using them. This past year I made myself use one and it helped me SO much, now I cannot go without one. I love the designs that Sweet Caroline Designs have, I'm actually waiting for a restock of one particular design because IM OBSESSED. If you're a planner person and cannot live an organized life without everything being written down (aka me) I recommend taking a look at Sweet Caroline Designs, Erin Condrin, and Lilly Pulitzer! 

cactus notebook .jpg

Notebooks are another thing that is an essential, you never know when you need to jot something down or take important notes for a class! Boring notebooks are so not me, I definitely have to have some kind of print that I think is cute. Anything cactus print is always a yes for me, I love cute cactus prints. This one is also so affordable! 

notepad .jpg

I'm always jotting down grocery lists, to do lists, blog post ideas, you name it. Having a notepad on my desk is a must for me! I will literally forget everything if I don't write it down. Again, I love a cute print and something that is eye catching, because not only is it beneficial for me and my note taking, it also serves as a decor piece for my desk area. 


Pens, totally unnecessary.. Wal Mart ones will do. I however love cute pens, and am a total sucker for buying them. You know the start of the school year the you start writing in your planner, everything is coordinated how you like it, and highlighted just the right way? Thats the best feeling, and opening new cute pens to do all that with is the best thing. The patterns on these ones were too cute not to include. 

hand sanitizer.jpg

So I'm going to be a momma and tell you all to use hand sanitizer, LOL. This is so important for me, it seems that I always get sick at the most inconvenient times. Bath and Body Works always have the best scents for every season at the most affordable price!


A sanitizer holder is totally not necessary and optional. I just love this tortoise one and personally purchased this one myself. I'm a fan of anything tortoise and it looks so cute on my all black backpack. 

lululemon leggings .jpg

Leggings are a college girls essential. I'm not sure if younger girls wear them or not but they're definitely a staple in college. I had uniforms in high school, we had to wear khakis everyday so I'm not sure if high schoolers with free dress wear leggings and a t shirt or if they dress up for school. I do know that I wear leggings at least 50% of the time and couldn't live without them. Lululemon leggings are definitely a splurge item, but I definitely don't think they are absolutely necessary. Yes, they are nice and good quality leggings, but there are others more affordable that are just as good, I will link some affordable options as well. 

tennis shoes .jpg

Tennis shoes were always something I got before each school year, this year however I never had time to go shoe shopping even though I desperately need some new ones. These are a pair I found on Nordstrom that I loved and really considering ordering, my tennis shoes I have right now have seen their better days. Shoes are different for everyone, each person has their own style on what kind of shoes they like but I wanted to include an option that I found and personally like. 


Thats all I have for school supplies, hope this gave you some inspiration and helped you on things you might need or have forgot! 




Cactus notepad

Girl Boss notepad


Hand Sanitizer 

Sanitizer Holder 

Lululemon Leggings // Affordable leggings

Tennis Shoes


Comment below any posts you would like me to do, I'd to know what y'all want to see! 

XOXO, Harlei