Sweet Southern Darlin

Hiking and being active

harlei fain

With this weather being so back and fourth in Texas right now, I take full advantage of the days that are pretty. We decided to take advantage of the 70 degree weather and go hiking at Dinosaur Valley Park in Glen Rose. It was a great way for us and the pups to get some exercise in, and boy did we. Being outside is something I’ve always liked to do, you can’t beat fresh air and pretty days. I’m not one that works our religiously. I actually hardly ever work out which is not something that I’m proud to admit, so getting out hiking with great people and my pups was the perfect day. My body probably thanked me for it, lol. I encourage you to get out and be active, take advantage of the days the weather is pretty and go adventure. Thats something I really want to get better at this year, so far so good!

Also….is anyone else praying spring gets here soon??? I’m dreaming of warmer weather, my body can’t handle this cold anymore! Come on Mother Nature!!!