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50 swimsuits under $50

harlei fain

Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s way too cold to be thinking about swimsuits right now. I always like to buy swimsuits a little earlier because it always come down to summer, I have a lake trip or beach vacation planned and need a swimsuit but all of the cute ones are all gone. I’m starting to shop earlier this year in buying swimsuits so I don’t run into that issue. I found 50 of the cutest swimsuits that are UNDER $50!! I wanted to give you guys some affordable options. I always see bloggers in the cutest swimsuits but they’re like $100+ and it always bums be out because I can’t drop that kind of money on swimsuits. Don’t fret, I managed to find some really cute ones that won’t break the bank. There are a few on here that are SUPER cheap and actually a great quality.

These will also be great if you’re planning to escape the cold and have a tropical vacation planned that’s coming up. Spring break is around the corner as well, and while I’m headed to the mountains I know that some of you are probably headed to the beach!

I hope this helps you out and maybe gave you some inspiration for spring and summer. In my opinion, they can’t come soon enough!

All of the links to the swimsuits are on the pictures. Click the swimsuit you like and it will send you straight to the link to but it!

Hope you enjoy! XOXO Harlei