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Classic (Texas) Winter Outfit

harlei fain
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Were at an awkward point of the year in Texas where it can’t decide if it wants to be cold or not. I personally am so ready for spring. I love sweaters and being cozy, but i’m so looking forward to buying dresses, rompers, shorts and swim suits! I feel like spring/summer can’t get here fast enough!

This is an everyday outfit for me at the moment, I live in jeans and a sweater. I love the combo because you can dress it up or down. Jeans and a sweater is one of those things you can wear and have your hair up, minimal makeup but still look presentable. JustBlack denim is one of my favorite denim brands because they fit my tiny chicken legs better than all of the other affordable brands I’ve tried. Everyone always recommends really expensive jeans to me for that reason, but I can’t justify spending that kind of money on jeans right now (hello, college girl on a budget!) I’m all about investing in good pieces, and can fully see myself buying good denim in the future, but as for now JustBlack is my go to!

The shoes are from last year and they’re Steve Madde. This is a pair of shoes that I don’t think I will ever throw out. Not only are they a classic, they also hold a special memory for me. I wore them in Paris, while at a champagne tour and tasting. Not only were they cute, they never hurt my feet and we had to walk a TON that day, so its a win win!

I love this classic outfit but boy am I ready for some pretty weather! Let me know in the comments if you’re totally over the winter season or want it to stay for a little while longer!

Sweater (sold out) SIMILAR

Jeans (size down)




Happy shopping, y’all!

xoxo Harlei