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My Favorite Boutiques

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I’m very much a boutique girl and support shopping small. Most of my clothes come from boutiques (majority of my closet is boutique finds). I wanted to share some of my favorites with y’all not only to give them recognition but to also share where I shop. Good news is that they all have an online store, so you don’t even have to get out of your sweatpants to shop! Get a glass of wine or some sweet tea and start shopping.

  1. Southern Roots: This is a store I have been going to for years, I can’t make a trip back home without stopping here. My favorite thing about this store is the lines it carries. I’m from a small town, and the closest mall is 40 minutes away so finding specific brands and lines can be tough, and I love that they carry them. They have pieces from True Grit, Birkenstock, Southern Marsh, Show Me Your Mumu, Tribe & Turq, UGG, and SO MANY MORE. I love that they carry so many different brands, because its not all of the same stuff and a lot of places don’t do that. They also have carry stuff for men and children which I think is great. You can shop for yourself, your man and your baby all at one place, win win!

  2. Groovys: This is another one of my stores that I always have to hit on a trip home. I hardly ever leave this place empty handed. Their clothes are super cute and always on trend. I’ve gotten myself into trouble here a time or two (sorry to my bank account) lol. They also hold some brands but I mainly shop here for the clothing, however they do carry Free People!

  3. Shop Red Dress: I find myself online shopping this boutique all the time. I can truly add hundreds of dollars into my cart every time I shop because their stuff is to die for. They are a brand that really keeps up with trends and what people are wearing. You can find casual outfits, date night outfits, beach vacation outfits, etc. on this site. Once it warms up in Texas I will most definitely be placing an order, their spring/summer stuff is too cute. I’m all for a place where I don’t have to leave my couch to shop.

  4. Vici Dolls: Another one of my favorite online boutiques to shop at. I bought almost all of my outfits for a trip to Destin last summer from here, and got a lot of compliments. I don’t always find stuff from this site, but when I do they’re great finds.

  5. Hazel & Olive: The reason I love this place so much is that you can find cute and trendy things at such an affordable price. I love somewhere that you can grab a quick outfit but not break the bank. Fashion is getting so much more expensive, so I love it that this place continues to be so affordable while still being trendy.

Next post will be about my favorite stores to shop at that are more mainstream, but I wanted to get a post out about my favorite boutiques. I really love supporting small business, especially when they have great products. One day I hope to own my own boutique that provides great merchandise and friendly environment just like these ones.

The links to all boutique online stores are above, just click on the store name. Happy shopping friends! Let me know what some of your favorite boutiques are to shop at, I love finding new stores!

“Stay at home and shop online, you’re too pretty to have to find a parking spot.”

XOXO, Harlei