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5 Shoe Staples

harlei fainComment

I put together my 5 shoe staples for my wardrobe. They range from flat, to heeled and can be work anytime of the year. These are shoes that I think are a staple for every wardrobe and everyone should have. I included some of my personal favorites, and they all range from various prices. Hope you like it!

1. Espadrille Wedge

Espadrille wedges are my favorite shoe for the spring and summer, I can’t get enough of them. I have my eye on the Treasure and Bond ones, I wanted them so bad last year and they sold out so I’m determined to buy them this year! They definitely take a cute spring and summer outfit to the next level.

2. Flip Flops/Slide Ons

A quick slip on sandal is a MUST for me. My personal favorites are the Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop. I wear them about 90% of the year (yes even when its cold). They are probably my favorite and most worn shoes in my entire shoe collection. I own five pairs of them and they are definitely worth the price. I can say with complete certainty that I got my money’s worth.

3. Flats

Flats are of course a staple because they can be worn casually or with a business outfit. Flats are my go to for business casual, they’re comfortable and make your outfit cute.

4. Heels

Every girl should have a pair of heels in their closet, especially black ones. My favorite are either open toed block heels or pointed toe ones. Heels with a pattern are so fun and can vamp up and outfit but black and nudes are definitely a staple you can keep in your closet for years!

5. Booties

Booties are another must have. I love that they can be work with not only jeans but dresses and skirts as well. I don’t wear booties very often in the warmer months but you definitely can with a dress or skirt. Booties are a staple in the fall and winter months. A good bootie and cute sweater is one of my favorite combinations.

Those are my 5 categories of shoe must haves! Let me know if my shoe staples match up with yours. I’d love to know what y’alls shoe staples are. Whats one shoe that you absolutely can’t live without, mine is the Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop. Let me know in the comments!

XOXO, Harlei