Sweet Southern Darlin

Amazon Favorites

harlei fain

It’s only April and I have already failed at one of my New Years resolutions..I am so sorry that there hasn’t been posts going up as regular but I am nearing the end of my LAST semester in college and have been so crazy busy! I’m going to try and turn that around though, so be expecting a lot of posts from me! I am trying to figure out two days a week that are the best for me to post so I can get on a better schedule so if you have any input let me know! Thanks for bearing with me.

Now onto what you guys are here for….AMAZON FAVORITES.

I am most definitely one of those people that LOVE finding affordable and cute pieces. Amazon here recently has stepped up their game in that department. From designer dupes to cheap finds, amazon has been my best friend lately. You don’t even have to leave your house and hello, that is a total bonus for me..LOL. I wanted to share some of my favorite amazon finds. Some are things I have actually bought and love and others are things that are in my cart that I most definitely be placing an order on. Also, did I mention all of these things are SUPER affordable, I can’t believe how cheap some of these are because the quality is so good!

I hope y’all enjoy my picks and maybe have found something you just cannot live without. If you have any affordable amazon favorites I’m interested as to what they are so let me know! I love finding new things on Amazon.