Sweet Southern Darlin

What to Pack on a Beach Vacation

harlei fain

Were creeping up on the end of the semester and getting closer to summer and I figured that there might be a few of you that have a beach vacation planned so why not tell you my must haves for a beach getaway?

The beach is one of my favorite summer destinations and I cannot wait to be back. Having sandy toes and salty hair is the best thing EVER.

1.Cute dresses: I am the type of person that gets very excited about vacation outfits. Dresses and rompers are my absolute must on the beach. They just feel so summery and they’re comfortable and easy so thats a bonus.

2. Cute shoes: You have to have cute shoes to match your cute outfit right?! I always pack sandals with me everywhere I go, but especially to the beach. I’ll pack one or two wedges/heels for nights and more special occasions and mainly wear flip flops during the day.

3. Hats: Hats are a must, especially if you’re sitting on the beach all day. I always pack more sun hats but occasionally I will pack a baseball hat if I want to be more casual. Having your face burnt is the worst, plus they say that the more you take care of your skin when you’re younger, the better it will look where you’re older. Sun damage on your skin is a real thing so it’s better to be protected!

4. Sunscreen: Speaking of protection, sun screen is another must. We all want healthy looking skin when were older right?? I will bring a tanning oil to get some color, I generally just layer that over the sunscreen. I’ve been sun burnt to where I look like a lobster and trust me…it is not fun.

5. Swimsuits: I am not the best swimmer and actually really scared of the ocean so I don’t really swim when on vacation unless there is a pool at the hotel…so mainly I wear them to lay out in the sun and for cute pictures. But you cannot go to the beach and not pack swimsuits?!

6. Sunglasses: I HATE having bright sun in my eyes and my eyes are always watering so these are a staple, and not just at the beach. However, on beach vacations I like to bring more sassy and fun sunglasses.

7. Cute accessories: I seriously styling an outfit for the beach, down to every last detail. Accessories are so fun and can definitely make a complete outfit. I am loving the spring trends for accessories this year so I will definitely have fun with these.

8. Small speaker: When laying on the beach, me and my family love jamming out to good music so a speaker is always brought along.

9. Beach bag: These might count under accessories but oh well. These are a MUST. I hate lugging so much stuff around and it getting covered in sand, so beach bags are perfect. I usually have a cooler bag and a regular beach bag with me on every beach trip.

10. Comfy travel clothes: travel cloths that are comfy are essential. My family usually drives to the beach, so being in a car for 12+ hours you’re going to want something comfortable on. I like to go for stuff thats cute as well, just in case we stop for food or anything so I don’t look like a total slob, lol. There is no way I could travel in a car in jeans, so travel outfits are a must (this goes for airports too)

11. Denim shorts: I live in denim shorts in the summertime. They’re so easy to throw on and go! I like my denim shorts more girlfriend style, I can’t stand when they’re super short or tight around my thighs! It’s all up to preference, these are just what I like!

11. Tumbler cup: I always travel with a drink of some sort, even when driving home from college…I have to have a drink. I love bringing actual cups to the beach and just refilling it so I don’t have to worry about a can getting all sandy. These are perfect for everyday use, I love them!!